Sunday, January 30, 2011

month-end post

I write this while half-watching Star Wars over Steve's shoulder, so excuse any lapses in continuity! - blame the Dark Side... The boys have been watching some of the movie with Steve, over several days, but it just gets too dark and too violent for either of them, so Steve is finishing on his own.
I've been busy planning the lessons and rosters for the Rockets Sunday School team (ages 4-7/Grade 1) - it's very rewarding being welcomed by a young child's hug and smile, and I realize they've all crept into our hearts, even though we only see some children once every 6 weeks or so... We have a very solid foundation to work from, in terms of set-up and systems; but also some new input from Sarah, who is my co-leader and ideas-person, and from a whole group of enthusiastic teens who seem to have sprung from nowhere! Of course, God knows about them and has been working on His plans - and I'm sure we have some prayer warriors to thank for their appearing...
My dear Steve's health remains up-and-down, but it does teach us to really appreciate the "up" days, like yesterday and today. And he braaied today, only about the second time ever in our 7 years in this house with its TWO fireplaces (outdoor, plus indoor built-in braai, in the lounge - the previous ownere was obviously a regte Suid Afrikaner!). The boys LOVED the whole experience of watching Dad chop wood, lay and light the fire, and braai the meat and sarmies.
Here's to a few braais with friends in the near future...

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