Friday, February 4, 2011


Steve's plane should be landing as I write - he's been in Jo'burg for a few days. He no longer has his own private pilot's licence, which I think is very sad - but he says it's not such a big deal. He is enjoying flying his new model aeroplanes, made of very light foam-like material. I've also been "touching down" in this past week in terms of some forgotten dreams and ideas...One that I have resumed is singing in church again - we had a practice last night, in sweltering heat! It was great to share ideas and catch the enthusiasm of a diverse group of musicians. Another is to perhaps tread the boards again, or at least do some radio or voice work...
Yesterday's weather was amazing: real Natal weather, with oppressive, humid heat all day, culminating in a thunderstorm in the late afternoon. We were with friends, and all the kids were in the pool with cold rain pelting down - they loved it! We did get them out when the storm was close by. My friend Barbara had to sweep out a few gutters for the rain, a very odd task for the middle of the hottest summer month!
It is such a treasure and delight to see William and Alexander discover and enjoy things for the first time, like swimming in the rain. What a privilege to be part of the building of someone's chidhood memories...

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