Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sing to the King

Finally made it to band practice tonight! It had to be the hottest night of the season so far, literally, and the church building very stuffy; but it felt solid and "right" to be back behind the microphone. I found Elmarie's leading very relaxed yet direct. I can't quite place her husband Alfred yet - left him to do the harmonizing. Not much communication from him, so I watched Elmarie for cues. I won't be able to watch her on Sunday morning though, so much...

Poor Steve has spent the day at a very boring test match, and developed a nasty cold. His new small RC plane has arrived though, and tonight he was able to try it out as there was no wind. It's called The Beast and is bright red and looks fantastic as he does loops and rolls and other manouvres. The boys and I managed to watch for a few minutes as we went off to band practice.

The boys were very good at practice, playing with Dawid's two girls and generally entertaining themselves without disturbing us! The three of us had a quick swim at about 8.45, when we got home. Alexander especially was thrilled by the novelty of swimming at night! We have so many blessings to count...

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