Sunday, January 9, 2011

Putting off the good to achieve the great

Actually, I'm not sure that quote is the right way about: is it "putting off the great to achieve the good"? I think it's from Mary Pytches, who is a counsellor and whom I heard speak about 20 years ago in the Presby church in Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg. I probably still have the notes somwhere! I know Gwen and her mum gave me one of Mary Pytches' books, but a quick scan of my shelves reveals it has been lent out and never returned...Now there is a chapter for another day! - books that have never found their way home, for various reasons. My mum is good at buying books for others; so is Stephan; and Gavin and Susan lend books they've enjoyed or found helpful...Years ago I used to keep a book-lending book, a record of where books went off to.
Back to what I really wanted to write about: I so enjoyed singing in the band/ worship group this morning. Quite a few people said it was good to see me back; and Erica gave encouraging feedback. The problem I now face is choosing between leading Rockets, the childrens' work, and rejoining the worship group, as it doesn't seem practically possible to do both. How do you choose between two things you enjoy and are good at and effective in? My usual solution is to write a pro's and con's list, so I guess that will be my next step!
Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Steve's brother Donovan, from whom Alexander gets his second name. Tomorrow we hope to go up to the Nature Reserve and find the place where Mom and the children scattered his ashes this time last year; Mom has been unable to find the exact spot. It ought to be lovely weather, cool like the last few mornings. We have been blessed with some lower temperatures and cool evenings, after the heat of early last week! (Is there a synonym for "cool"?)
Lastly, I went and bought a baobab tree today...Well, just a wire one, but truly a work of art. I saw it on Friday and went back to the roadside artists today to get it. I fell in love with them on our trip up to Messina in 2001 to watch the solar eclipse; now I have one of my own, about 50cm tall!

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