Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A splash of orange paint

Choices can be stressful! When the opportunity arose to repaint our entire living area, I agonized over the colour: keep the light, bright yellow that attracted me to the house in the first place, or tone it down? In the end, I toned down, but stayed with yellow; and it works well.
Next was the choice of something BRIGHT for my new study-area: two walls in a corner of our new bedroom. Friends encouraged me, gave practical help about where to get a paint sample. My husband painted on the trial colour, Touch of Sun; and now I have two bright orange sections of wall to inspire and energize me when I work.

Somehow, this venture into colour-choice has enlarged and changed my perceptions. It's as if the splash of orange has lit up many areas of my being, including the spiritual. I am more confident in my own creativity and personal taste; and have been more open to God-moments (such as offering to pray for someone, or inviting a new acquaintance to church).

Such a visible affirmation of a good choice - the walls in their new paint, whether pale yellow or bright orange - reaches deep into one's psyche, sending down roots of confidence and spreading upwards into openness-to-change, with side-shoots of sheer pleasure.

I'm not quite suggesting that you splash on some orange paint (although it's not a bad idea!); but I do hope you will take time to recognise and revisit the positive choices you've made over the years, and to reach towards some new ones. And who knows, maybe there is a new paint colour among those choices ahead!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'll never fit into that!

"Keren, this is YOU!" "Goodness, Anthea, I'll never fit into that!"

It is late morning and the four of us - Anthea, Jackie, Rachael and I - have just had a leisurely breakfast. We meet regularly to enjoy each other's company and stay connected; a group of girl-friends who all have God at the centre of their busy lives, and whom God has wisely knitted together. We laugh a lot and depart again feeling loved and cherished.

This morning our breakfast venue is an old house whose three sections comprise the coffee shop, dress-hire, and upmarket second-hand clothes. Browsing the clothes, we begin in the kids' section, but soon drift across to the racks of lovely, gently-used, designer clothes. There are soft leather boots, cute hats, every length of jacket, blouses and dresses of every colour...There is even a room full of men's clothes. We look, touch, exclaim, encourage... And then Anthea finds the "little black number": a simple, fitted dress that falls in soft folds, with a glittery embossed pattern.

She is adamant that it will fit me; everyone else joins in. I appeal to the shop-owner: "But it looks like a size 10!" She agrees. But the others insist: I must try it on. Laughing, disbelieving, I do so, sure it will NOT fit.

But, gentle reader, my perception of my own body is WRONG. My dear friends are RIGHT: the beautiful dress does indeed fit, like a glove.

I am still trying to assimilate the mental shift caused by that dress. Can our perception of ourselves be so very wrong? What else do I "see" about myself that is incorrect? - that does not match reality, the facts of "me"?

God is gracious; He puts people around us who show us our true selves; and he himself calls us "friend". Won't you join me in "fitting into" that image of yourself, like I fitted into that dress? Be clothed in this truth: you are indeed a friend of God.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The man I never met: Gugu Zulu

So here I am, weeping over someone I never knew...
What is THAT about?

Well, in part it is about how a voice on the radio becomes your friend. He comes into your home, bright and cheery, and gives you a connection to a world you would not otherwise enter. In Gugu Zulu's case, he commentated on all sorts of motor sport - for me, a link to childhood days when my dad and I used to watch Grand Prix together on TV.

Gugu Zulu was also a local boy "made good" - a rally champion and later TV commentator in whose success everyone somehow shared - we were glad that this man had done so well.

And he was simply a nice guy. His life should have been longer, reached more people; he should have been there to see his child grow up...

Part of the tears are anger too, at this loss of one life.

He died doing something he had planned for and was excited about: a climb up Kilimanjaro, in honour of Mandela, who was surely his hero, as he is many of ours.

Maybe, once we stop weeping, we can honour Gugu Zulu: by being kinder, laughing more, and going after our dreams.

His was a life well-lived.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bubbling over...or bubbling under...

Create, create, create! - do something, sing something, paint or draw or plant or knit or tidy up - just DO something with that feeling of... of... what, exactly? Words like "fizzing" come to mind; but that sounds joyous and uncontained, and this feeling is not those things. It is deeper, stronger, and even, perhaps, darker. When the need to create is unmet - the thing not drawn, the poem not written, the page left blank - that creative urge turns muddy, sours my thoughts.

YET... yet... it does not, will not, leave. The staying-power of the need to be creative: THAT is new. In the past, it has gripped me for a day, or perhaps two; now, it has stayed for a week. I feel as if I am missing some clue as to WHAT this impulse is urging me towards - what is it that I must do, to satisfy it? "Start writing a book" - yes, but what about? I have so many ideas, yet none seems able to bear the weight of that word "book". "So write a chapter - see what happens!" Yes, well, maybe that would work... Maybe just writing this page is a key, a turn of the kaleidoscope that will reveal the next pattern...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A kaleidoscope of serendipity

I am about to start job-sharing.
I am about to start job-sharing with one of my dearest friends.
I am about to start job-sharing with one of my dearest friends at a time when I need extra income.
I am about to start job-sharing with one of my dearest friends at a time when I need extra income and she needs a break from her job.

Each time I turn the kaleidoscope through which I view this piece of my life, a new, positive aspect appears.

I'm sure there will be times when I don't "enjoy" the job - invoicing, checking statements, and so on.
I'm sure there will be times when my friend and I misunderstand each other, or have conflicting needs.

I am also sure that God has provided this opportunity, and that THAT will sustain us both in the hard times, and energize us in the easier times, and bring peace (fruitful living) all round.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easy Easter

This Easter has almost slipped by unnoticed. Shops are open, it is the middle of the school holidays - just another long weekend, with time to plan a family get-together.
When I was growing up, Easter was an occasion. The choir practiced new songs, the priest wore a different colour robe (vestments?), there was a build-up to Good Friday with its austerity and sorrow, followed by a real sense of celebration on Easter Sunday when "The angel rolled the stone away". Even the songs were different and special, more meaningful because only sung on this one occasion.
I fully understand the idea of celebrating the Cross and the resurrection "every day"; yet also see some sense in this one, special weekend when everyone - Christian or not - pauses to reflect.
I am sad that my children don't know some of the glorious Easter hymns I learned - songs full of truth and triumph, like this one:

Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Saviour, waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord.
Then up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph oe'r His foes!
 He arose victorious from the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign; 
He arose, He arose, Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Colour and form

Does shape affect colour? Looking out at my garden, I would have to say it does. The deep pink roses are a round, bright disk against the background of their leaves; those leaves in turn are a complex display of white-green (reflecting the sunlight) and almost-black (the deep shade behind the plant).
In front of the rose-bush, the fine-leafed lemon verbena offers less solid blocks of colour, and a more yellow tinge.
Right at the back is the very bright lemon tree. Even its leaves are yellow-green, shades of the fruit to come, with the brightness of a child's pastel-box. Here and there the contrast of a dark strip of branch makes the leaves stand out even more.
The variety of greens is simply astounding - all the more, as I realise how they are mixed and contrasted with so many other colors.
At such times, so in awe of this colour and filled by it, I think perhaps my very soul is green...