Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turn off the TV!
I posted a comment on this article, whose sentiments I heartily agree with, back in October - somehow didn't post the link :) .

NOT on MY bucket list...

Well, my friends, it is official: I am not a roller-coaster rider. I knew this; Steve knew this; but somehow*, today, I ended up on the smallest of Ratanga Junction's roller-coasters, the "Bushwacker". It certainly left me whacked! I still feel a bit naar, 8 hours later...Let us move swiftly on from that sad scene...
Alexander will definitely be Steve's adrenalin-junkie partner in years to come. William tried the roller-coaster, but neither wanted to go again (did Mum's reaction perhaps have something to do with this?!!!) Alexander had the most fun, as he could go on the "kiddie" rides, many of which William was too tall for.
My tip for overcoming that ill feeling, by the way: keep walking. Once I'd mustered courage to get to my feet again, I gradually felt better, although, needless to say, I did NOT watch the Cobra riders scream their way past me!
Will I go again? - certainly! I will go as a non-rider, which will still let me on the boat- and train-rides (sedate); and also allow me to watch my husband and boys having fun!
* A note of explanation seems necessary here. We were all "geared up" for this day, which was a school fund-raiser. I had resolved to try my best on the rides, but NOT on roller-coasters. Steve assured me we would begin with the slowest, and work our way up, in terms of adrenalin/ difficulty (depending whose view it was!) Somehow, this small roller-coaster was the first ride across our paths, and I gaily marched in, determined not to look or think...And therein lay the problem. I should in fact have used my brain and good sense and politely declined!