Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cloud burst!

Yesterday's cloud burst here in Somerset West took us by surprise with its force and the swiftness with which roads became almost impassable. Main links between areas such as schools and Main Road were suddenly awash on both sides, leaving just one lane open down the middle. Those of us without 4x4s had to crawl along, while bigger vehicles forged ahead, thumbing their noses (or tyres) at us lesser conveyances. Arriving at a friend's home to drop off an item, I found his property inaccessible: the water was lapping the curb, and rushing through his garden and out into the road behind. His back wall has gaps at ground level for just this purpose. 
By the time I had reached school, navigated the flooded gutter, and fetched two children, the waters had completely drained away. The weather has flexed its muscles; we wait uneasily for the next bruising round.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don't keep it too long

Today I had to throw away some previously-useful things. They had been kept for years by someone, then passed on to me. Some were envelopes, now stuck shut. Some were labels, whose glue was no longer sticky, leaving them useless.

Don't hoard things, or keep them to yourself. Have you been blessed with an excess of something? - share it, give it away.

How often do you think of doing good, but never put the thought into action? How many such ideas have lost their "stickiness"?

Resolve with me not to keep things - and ideas, Holy Spirit promptings - too long.