Monday, April 22, 2013


No bounce! Our trampoline is useless, it just gets in the way, has to be moved in high winds or when watering the grass...We have to keep small boys off it, so they don't fall through the gap or damage it further. Our trampoline, you see, has lost quite a few springs. The material holding springs and mat together has failed, and the springs now lie in a box, waiting. The whole mat must come off, so that the springs can be reattached. We know where to take it for repairs, we have collected the springs...but we can't find the spring-puller. Yes, dear readers, there is such a thing in this world as a "spring-puller". And in our little Penny Lane world, it remains hidden in a dark recess, refusing to come to light either in memory (Where DID we put it?) or in reality (Have you tried the blue trunk?)

I am tempted to draw a number of anaolgies between our trampoline and its unrepaired state, and our own lives; but most of them break down sooner rather than later, so I will spare you any philosophical comparisons for now. Happy bouncing, if you have a trampoline!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sensible shoes for sensitive feet

I thought "Aha!" moments were supposed to happen in your head; but mine just happened in my feet...

I have been reading a book called "Sensible Shoes: A Story about the Spiritual Journey" by Sharon Garlough Brown. She follows four characters as they meet at a "Spiritual Journey" seminar, taking readers into a lovely story, and a spiritual journey of their own. I will definitely re-read the book, taking time to try out the various spiritual disciplines/ exercises described, as well as reflecting on each character's journey and how it resonates with my own.

What about the sensitive feet, you may ask? Well, a few weeks ago I walked (to church!) in what I thought were comfortable shoes; then next day wore a succession of shoes, including a too-big pair that hurt my feet. Now, as I sit at my desk, my left foot is still sore, feeling as if the ball has been bruised. It has affected so many things over the past weeks, including the buying of new shoes. A pair I bought last week feel, on re-trying, too tight and sore; tomorrow I must try and change them.

Tonight, letting my thoughts roam, the Holy Spirit made the connection for me: my poor sore feet are reminding me of my need for sensible shoes, and providing a metaphor for my need for a spiritual journey in "sensisble shoes"...I will try and turn every twinge into a prayer, looking to "journey deeper into God's heart" as Sharon puts it.

Another "feet" connection: last Sunday one of our pastors, Wesley, prayed for my friend Pam's arthritic feet. He was being obedient to what he had heard God tell him to do. This week, Pam stood up in church to tell us that her feet are indeed better. Wow!

So get out those sensible shoes, and continue to walk this year's journey with me. I so value your company along the way!