Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jet Cat and tap-water

Well, we have another cat. He is a wild teenager who likes to play hard and sleep hard. He has a lovely soft voice and loud purr, and uses both frequently - including in the middle of the night! Last night I was woken up by both boys, separately, AND by the being a new mom again (yawn)! Alexander plays tirelessley with Jet (he is black, by the way, hence the name); and even the dogs are learning to play with him. Penny chases him, then he chases her back; then they spend some time in a stand-off, Penny lying with her nose on her paws, whining, and Jet with his tail flicking, occasionally sticking out a paw at her...

Does water come out of the tap every time you open it? For most of us, the answer is invariably, "Yes." Last Wednesday our water was cut off for most of the day, and I wondered again how people cope without running water. How do you clean up a dirty toddler, and wash your own hands before making food? I had a flash of understanding for those who riot and protest after living for YEARS without promised water supplies... Those of us who have water, must save it; and those who don't, should get access to it...

Right now it is a blustery, rainy, Cape winter day; last night we had sheets of lightning and rain. The sky brightens, then darkens again; grey, low clouds race by, beneath bigger, slower, whiter ones... Everything, it seems, is in motion.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The glass half empty

You might want to skip this one - it's about depression...On the other hand, maybe you can help! I'd like to wake up and take a positive step or thought each day, and then keep on positively. It seems that, too often, one small thing annoys or irritates me, and the downward spiral begins...The "down" mood can last all morning, and return at odd moments in the day to surprise and unsettle me.
I know that these times will pass, whether after a few hours or, at worst, a few days. An old hymn comes to mind:
"I have an anchor that keep the soul steadfast and sure while the billows roll; anchored to the Rock that cannot fail, founded sure and fast in the Saviour's love."
My essay-writing techniques tell me a quote must be followed by an explanation; but there is no explaining this sureness and this love. It simply is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The past week has been coloured by the ill-health of one of our cats, Jade. She has alwasy been thin in a Siamese kind of way; but recently lost weight again. We put her on tablets and special food for a possible kidney problem; then she stopped eating. We tried antibiotics. When there was no change, and our beautiful cat was just fading away - although still "herself"- we had to decide to let her go. I miss her everywhere I look, it seems...but most of you will know how this feels. She was small, and black with white socks and a white blaze and chest, and gorgeous jade eyes (green, not the reflective blue in the pic!). She was no lap-cat, but condescended to sleep on beds. Her smallness made her seem very prim and proper; she alwasy spoke politely when spoken to (Siamese ancestry again!).

To those bold enough to wonder, the answer is, "Yes, we'll get another cat!" - probably in the July holidays.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


We recently swopped two rooms around: the boys' room to the study, and the study to the boys' room. They have more space; I have a view of the garden; we all win! Friends and family, seeing the change, all agree it's a good one. "What took you so long?" is the most frequent comment! You might be saying the same about this new post - indeed, I'm saying it to myself: what took you so long?
The answer isn't really important - at least, not as important as writing again. Like moving rooms, it's obviously right...

Amongst all the busyness and ups and downs, one or two things stand out. There have been many hugs - from small boys, from friends. As my children get older, it does indeed "get easier", as my friend Barbara always reassured me. I marvel at what my boys can now accomplish on their own - new words delighted in, new heights climbed, new social skills mastered... I keep hearing stories of God's goodness, of his timely intervention in our lives: a house rented out, a meal provided, a job offered, forgiveness asked...Now and again, my soul is refreshed by a beautiful view, an autumn leaf, or shared laughter. Things grow and change. I pick myself up and try again.
Life is good.