Saturday, January 8, 2011

Foggy beach morning

With a cool fog rolling in, we decided to visit Strand beach at a spot suggested by a friend. It was the ideal weather: warm enough for costumes, but without the sun baking down on us. We spent a pleasant hour searching the rock-pools, seeing many hermit crabs scuttling along and even a few small, freckled fish. The crabs close their front door with their large claw, while the fish quickly spotted us and darted under overhanging rocks. The boys didn't really swim, but waded in the warmish, shallow water. They also clambered on the huge, ochre rocks that have been placed as a breakwater. We watched dogs splash after balls, brisk walkers and chatty ones, and fishermen perched out on the rocks, now exposed by low tide. Alexander in particular was intrigued at how the water went further and further out.
From the beach we went to visit Granny and Oupa, and found Florence and Derek there too. An hour went by swapping stories about kids, Mom and Derek's childhood, and Derek and Flo's new home.
Late in the afternoon Granny June joined us in her pool - a warm family time. Today (Saturday) was also a family day, as we spent the morning with Mum and Dad - Steve doing some fixing, the boys swimming, Mum and I talking about the possibility of their moving to a smaller home... We are about to go back there for supper together, and maybe some stargazing. More about that tomorrow!

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