Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to school

This week has been quite hectic, with William and Alexander back at school, me back at my usual occupations, and a new dog too! The dog first: she is called Candy (we changed from the "Angie" given by her original owners.) She is a Welfare special, with bulging eyes and forehead, a long body, and huge ears. Her pretty blonde colour somewhat makes up for this strange combination of body parts! When we walk her she bounces along and doesn't pull at all, a nice change from Penny.
William is now in Grade 2 and has a teacher whom everyone describes as kind. She is also head of the Foundation Phase (G1-3) and obviously knows her stuff. We had a parent evening tonight, which yours truly attended while Dad babysat. Interesting talk from child psychologist about discipline, boundaries, choices, etc. Don't make threats ("I'll leave you behind!") but always follow through with promised consequences... Everyone laughed and winced - all guilty of doing the former and neglecting the latter! Need to re-establish weekday routine after the holidays - William cried buckets because I said no TV when he arrived home. I then later allowed them to watch a movie (Asterix) on the computer while I worked...Hmmm...not sure of my consistency there. I don't think the psychologist would approve.
the online marking has begun with many timed essays, which means there are no essays to do, so we log in and click every 5 minutes to show we are there ready to work. A pleasant way to ease into the year; got lots of filing done in between clicks! We also have a somewhat revised review-process, which I put into practise today with a few essays. Seems easier and QUICKER!!! That also seems like a good note on which to end for today.

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