Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lazy days...

 A gap of a few days in this blog...Steve still on holiday on Monday, so we went up to the Helderberg Nature Reserve. Last year Mom and Steve and his sisters scattered Donovan's ashes there, so we went to find the spot. The boys came too, and I explained to William what we were doing. He and I had to race off to the loo (the kind of things they never do in movies!) and by the time we returned up the path, the others had found the bench and come back down to the dam to feed the geese! We dodged lots of scurrying black ants on the hot, hard-baked path while returning down to the others. The dam was calm, half-covered in great green lily leaves; we even saw two terrapins in the muddy water between the geese's feet.
Yesterday and today were spent getting things done (leash for Penny, TV licence, etc), playing with the boys, crocheting, and swimming...I have a shawl I've been putting together out of crocheted squares, all autumn colours, and I'm now finally sewing it all together! Very satisfying and pleasing.
I'm busy cutting down on the anti-depressant I've been on, so feel a bit switched off - I can feel the old brain is not very fast at times! But it's going very well on the whole, much easier than I expected.
I am expecting a very positive and fulfilling year!

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