Wednesday, January 5, 2011


At dinner last night the idea of visiting Natal in December was pretty much squelched. Steve had spoken to a colleague who lives there and reckons December is no time to visit, what with humid weather and crowds of holiday-makers (do people still use that word? - it probably dates me terrribly!). Kevin, here for dinner, agreed. He has also heard that parts of 'Maritzburg are not what they used to be - Church Street is now "down-town" due to a new mall on the outskirts that has attracted all the big stores and shoppers with plenty of money (read "white" in our socio-economic terms). I felt quite lonely and misunderstood as to my desire to visit agian the places of childhood and coming-of-age - it's not about "doing", I guess, but "remembering"; and this is not really the stuff of family holidays...
I still have a notion just to do the trip on my own - what do you think?

We are now setting our sights closer to home, and earlier in the year: the long Easter weekend, followed by May Day, when the schools are also having a few days off. Even the National Parks seem out of reach of our budget, though, with costs of at least R800 upwards per night for our family. So it's back to the drawing board, or map book... We have agreed to spend time tomorrow night trying to agree on where to go, what to spend, and what to do!

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