Saturday, February 26, 2011

Design Indaba 2011

Our two hours at the Design Indaba 2011 filled me up to overflowing. It leaves me energized, motivated, satisfied...My mind will dwell for hours to come on all the wonderful ideas we saw. There were felt toys, and hats; animal skin cushions (beautiful!--flower designs sewn onto the cushions, and from Pietermaritzburg!); flower jewellery; teaspoons with handles cast in metal and originally moulded from twigs; complex glass lights like miniature rain-forests; furniture that was functional yet deeply satisfying to the eye... Just an outpouring of creative talent, innovation, use of natural materials, colour...and all SOUTH AFRICAN! One perceptive stand (for Visi magazine) had jars of sweeties from which you could help yourself while browsing thier back numbers--the boys got handfuls of jelly tots, and nearby stall-holders were also dipping their hands in... So many deft, creative touches to the stalls themselves too--one jewellery stand used old wooden display cases, hangers, and even microscopes to display their pieces... Watch this space for more memories from this wonderful experience!

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