Sunday, February 27, 2011

Captain's Log...

Have just spent a happy half hour finding out more about blogging (reminder: that's short for "weblog"). Some frustrating bits, but some pleasing bits too! You'll see there is now a collage of assorted Hoys and hounds (and a rainbow, with our house at its end!); and also an ADVERT!!! Shock horror. Yes indeed, I have signed on to earn...We will see what appears there, and if you or I don't like it, I will unsubsrcibe with all due haste.
We had a prayer meeting for the Kids Work at church today - great time of worship, then prayer in several short sections. One section revolved around various words/ prophecies received over the years regarding Kidswork, and this picture really fired my imagination: people, including kids, on a mountainside. They formed a line up to a treasure-filled cave. They were passing handfuls of treasure - gems - down the line, down the mountain, into the dark valley below. There, the gems glowed with light that soon began to lighten and fill the valley... What a wonderful picture of the treasure we have in Christ, and in God's word! I plan to get a few bucketsful of semi-precious stones, and let our Rockets kids (age 4-7) look for their favourites, and then connect their choices to verses/ themes in the Bible, so they can take home concrete representations of the treasure that is in God's word!

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