Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The past week has been coloured by the ill-health of one of our cats, Jade. She has alwasy been thin in a Siamese kind of way; but recently lost weight again. We put her on tablets and special food for a possible kidney problem; then she stopped eating. We tried antibiotics. When there was no change, and our beautiful cat was just fading away - although still "herself"- we had to decide to let her go. I miss her everywhere I look, it seems...but most of you will know how this feels. She was small, and black with white socks and a white blaze and chest, and gorgeous jade eyes (green, not the reflective blue in the pic!). She was no lap-cat, but condescended to sleep on beds. Her smallness made her seem very prim and proper; she alwasy spoke politely when spoken to (Siamese ancestry again!).

To those bold enough to wonder, the answer is, "Yes, we'll get another cat!" - probably in the July holidays.

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