Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jet Cat and tap-water

Well, we have another cat. He is a wild teenager who likes to play hard and sleep hard. He has a lovely soft voice and loud purr, and uses both frequently - including in the middle of the night! Last night I was woken up by both boys, separately, AND by the being a new mom again (yawn)! Alexander plays tirelessley with Jet (he is black, by the way, hence the name); and even the dogs are learning to play with him. Penny chases him, then he chases her back; then they spend some time in a stand-off, Penny lying with her nose on her paws, whining, and Jet with his tail flicking, occasionally sticking out a paw at her...

Does water come out of the tap every time you open it? For most of us, the answer is invariably, "Yes." Last Wednesday our water was cut off for most of the day, and I wondered again how people cope without running water. How do you clean up a dirty toddler, and wash your own hands before making food? I had a flash of understanding for those who riot and protest after living for YEARS without promised water supplies... Those of us who have water, must save it; and those who don't, should get access to it...

Right now it is a blustery, rainy, Cape winter day; last night we had sheets of lightning and rain. The sky brightens, then darkens again; grey, low clouds race by, beneath bigger, slower, whiter ones... Everything, it seems, is in motion.

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