Tuesday, October 18, 2011

swimming in the rain

My own title, before I explain it, reminds me of seeing the musical "Singing in the rain," in the West End in London...I only really recall that main song! Back to swimming: today was a bit overcast, and we got home late, but the boys wanted to swim, so...to save time I let them swim naked, and it was just starting to rain, but the pool was warm (heated, don't you know!) They had such fun, and it is such a delight to let them do out-of-the-ordinary things...So when last did YOU swim, or walk, in the rain? - on purpose that is, not because you had to!
I am gradually taming my Blackberry - it now delivers emails to me, but I haven't yet sent one...I still don't quite understand its interfaces...
I had a hard-working weekend editing a job from Stellenbosch University, all about "service-learning" - community service, in a broad sense. Very interesting, stimulating work!
On Saturday Steve's mum invited me to a fundraising tea, where we listened to a briliant story-teller. She told very realistic, every-day stories about her relationship with God - waiting for rain in the Karoo; being patient with her kids...I could see myself doing something similar one day, I think! (the storytelling that is; being patient with kids is MUCH harder...)
I wish I needed less sleep! - there is so much to do, and learn, and enjoy...

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