Sunday, October 2, 2011

Learn to Earn

Ihave always had the means to "learn to earn", whether from parents, scholarships, or my own funding...Many don't have this opportunity - so how apt it is that, in my own process of "learning to earn" via magazine writing, my first "proper" article, published this month, is about a project called Learn to Earn. Some serendipity there, methinks! Do go to the website and read the magazine, Indwe - you will have to log on, but it's worth the read, overall.
I've been encouraged by those of you who have noticed the long silence - I intend to blog regularly, once more!

I have just ventrured into the world of cell-phone contracts, thereby acquiring a Blackberry. I didn't realise that it is a small computer, all by its purple self (yes dears, purple - couldn't resist!). I'm having a frustrating time getting it not to want to change my name, when I sign off an sms, from "Keren" to "keen" or "Karen"...Ho hum. Technology is not always that useful...
Please take a moment to look back on your own "learn to earn" journey, and give thanks for where you now find yourself. Maybe I should write your story!

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