Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Colour and form

Does shape affect colour? Looking out at my garden, I would have to say it does. The deep pink roses are a round, bright disk against the background of their leaves; those leaves in turn are a complex display of white-green (reflecting the sunlight) and almost-black (the deep shade behind the plant).
In front of the rose-bush, the fine-leafed lemon verbena offers less solid blocks of colour, and a more yellow tinge.
Right at the back is the very bright lemon tree. Even its leaves are yellow-green, shades of the fruit to come, with the brightness of a child's pastel-box. Here and there the contrast of a dark strip of branch makes the leaves stand out even more.
The variety of greens is simply astounding - all the more, as I realise how they are mixed and contrasted with so many other colors.
At such times, so in awe of this colour and filled by it, I think perhaps my very soul is green...

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