Sunday, January 3, 2016


It is not the first day of the year, it is the third; but it IS my birthday, so that seems like a good place to begin. My birthday gift to myself is to begin this blog again; maybe it is my gift to you too. It is wonderful to be given gifts - sweets from my two boys, an unexpected and generous book voucher from my husband, together with words of appreciation that I know don't come lightly and easily for him. Then there was the gift of a visit to one of my favourite places: Butterfly World. Every lush plant and bloom is a treasure, each creature a delight. There is something to see at every turn; and then something more, as your eyes search the foliage for bright wings or curious bright eyes.

The whole day went smoothly, with very little of the bickering and shouting that we all sometimes resort to as a family. What a blessing. Maybe I should treat every day as my birthday, letting the small troubles wash over me, being more peaceful and contented.

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