Saturday, June 14, 2014

The onion in the trolley

The weighed, labelled onion was in the small shopping trolley, and unguarded. I only turned my back for a moment, to get the tomatoes weighed - and it was gone. Both trolley and onion had vanished...
I spotted a pair of shoppers with a trolley I was sure they hadn't brought into the store with them. Had I seen them, from the corner of my eye, taking mine? I pursued them, and then stopped short, embarrassed: there was no onion! It couldn't be mine...But before I could express my apology, the younger of the two men was blushing and rushing off, to the laughter of the older one. He returned, onion in hand (fetched from where he had discarded it), and apologized. We all laughed and smiled, and it was clearly a matter for much joking between the two. We met up again in the checkout line, and the older man teased the younger, saying he should be paying for my onion he'd stolen. The younger one teased right back, saying how much trouble father-in-laws could get you into...
The onion in the trolley is destined to become a fond point of amusement between them, I am sure.

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