Monday, April 28, 2014

Freedom Day

"Free, free, I'm free indeed, for Jesus has delivered me, oh, oh..." This fun, vibey song has been echoing through my head all day. We had a vibrant time of worship - singing, dancing - at church yesterday, celebrating our country's Freedom Day and our own freedom in Christ. What fun! It has lifted my spirits.

So, where were you 20 years ago, on our Freedom Day? I've asked a few friends, and got some interesting responses. One friend was called up on Army Reservist duty; another, working at a game reserve, spent the day taking staff to vote and making sure they understood the process that was new to them. I spent the day being an election official at a local high school - painting fingernails with the ultra-violet, scanning hands, handing out ballot papers... So many different experiences. I'd love to hear your comments about your experience of Freedom Day.

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