Monday, May 13, 2013

"We were at school together..."

When last did you speak of someone, or introduce them to a friend, with the words, "We were at school together!"? Did it bring you the same pleasure it brings me? Perhaps you are surrounded by old school friends because you all still live in the same town or area; meeting one is no great event. For me, having moved many years ago to a different area of the country, it is a rare occurrence to meet an old school-mate; hence the pleasure.
There is also something of the glow of reflected glory: the friend I met just yesterday is a medical doctor, mum of four, an occasional preacher, in church eldership...and the same age as me! I can boast in her accomplishments, and somehow our school link reflects well on me, too...
Then of course there are the compliments: "You haven't changed!" and "I would have recognized you anywhere!" I experienced this quite unexpectedly, recently, when someone recognized ME before I recognized HER. She swore that I hadn't changed a bit - so I got her to repeat it several times, so I could almost believe it!
This year so far has brought TWO meetings with old school friends - what wonderful and unexpected blessings.

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